OC Tanner R&D


My role
Sr. UX Designer
  • iOS app
  • Android app
  • Desktop app


Working in OC Tanner’s research and development department, I was the sole designer on a wellbeing application. OC Tanner specializes in employee recognition–starting with hardware like trophies and awards, recently moved into the software space. Welbe was to be an app for companies to incentivize their employees for staying healthy, engage them in wellness activities and create challenges user’s could compete in.

Usability testing

As we developed the app, we constantly were performing usability tests to understand wayfinding and practical understanding of the application. We ran challenges and created groups that we engaged the company in. Below you can see a study I ran with a few colleagues.

After the study was complete, I compiled the results and entered them into a form I created to house our research, what we called executive summary. That way, anytime anyone needed to know the basics of the test we ran they could skim this document to understand where were were at.

Emotional Health

One feature we built was a mood tracker. This tool would be something you could change daily to track how you felt overall, which could be sent to admins to understand the happiness of their employees. Also, when a user logged something, they’d get a random video on wellness, a tip of the day or even just a funny gif to provide a sense of action to their health.


Diary Study

We were in the midst of defining user activities that we could populate in the app–things like pre-built groups, challenges and what types of information user’s felt most comfortable sharing and tracking with an app controlled by their employer. To better understand their behaviors I put together a Diary Study to run with 5-10 users. I didn’t get to finish the study due to our product being purchased by a competitor, but felt the exercise of putting the study together was worthwhile.

Desktop app

Moving from our MVP solution we started to think about different ways to log information and serve up a dashboard of information such as milestones, rankings, events and other useful tips to help pull users into the app and have immediate access to important information.