OC Tanner


My role
Sr. UX Designer
  • Card sorting
  • Animation
  • Platform UX


After I left the research and development arm of OC Tanner, I spent sometime working on what is now deemed the Culture Cloud–or the OC Tanner platform. This would be a way to house all of the apps OC Tanner provided in one single interface. I worked on solutions for how these apps could work together and be easy-to-move-between by an end-user.

Navigational hierarchy

In an effort to bridge the apps together, we needed to combine settings, account information and other miscellaneous items. In the current Victories app (OC Tanner’s money-making app) the settings had grown to be a tangled-web of miscellaneous items that had been tacked on over the years. So to untangle this mess I held several closed card sorts asking users to sort existing items into pre-defined sections. We began to identify patterns of how user’s thought and would organize content.

Open Card Sort

Account information

After performing a closed card sort with users, we asked a separate group of users to define content they would believe to find in their personal profiles with an open card sort. This included what they’d most want to share with co-workers and managers. This helped us to understand what we should and should-not surface in a user’s profile and if we should give some content controls for privacy (such as birthday or birth year).

After we performed these card sorts I put together a basic navigational hierarchy map to guide us through designing for the platform.


The platform was built with an app switcher, where user’s could switch between the different culture cloud apps, with the specific navigation populating below it.

Responsive platform

Shifting to a friendly cross-device framework was one of the biggest features we needed to bake into the app. I put together this quick prototype to show how the app would scale at different sizes.