Brooke Bell

Lead UX Designer at Workfront

Growing up in Utah has given me a perspective on life and culture not many can attest to. Growing up in a predominately religious environment, I learned quickly how to adapt and cultivate relationships with those different than myself. I became friends with all types in high school and seemed to blend with them all on certain levels. I studied medical anatomy in high school and went to college believing I’d become an ER doctor, but little did I know life had other plans for me. I’m terrible at math and probably should have seen it coming. I wound up in a course about finding what you want to do when you grow up, not entirely sure. I explored being a flight attendant (I love to travel), I explored being an architect (I appreciate systems and structures) and I even explored HR (my mother’s profession and one I’m not keen on). But there it was, in the thickest course catalog one might imagine (this was before the U of Us website housed this information), a course on none other than web design. I thought it might be a joke, what this thing I taught myself to do to spiff up my Myspace (dating myself) profile was a class? But, how?? So I enrolled in the course and the rest is, well, history.


Great Work app

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